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This product will amaze you. If you feel light headed while experiencing great results, simply find a place to sit and breath slowly. You'll experience best recovery if you fan yourself while sitting. DO NOT APPLY if you are prone to fits of excitment, have a heart condition, are charasmatic, or are in general poor health.

Reflection Polish

One Product Replaces Many: Perfect for the gearhead

It's an outright war on SKANK and Conquest Enterprises' REFLECTION™ is up to the challenge.

Finally there is a surface enhancer that can clear away years of that nasty, skanky buildup and fight it off before it ever becomes a problem again.

Why is this a problem? Consider the micro particles that bombard your gear everyday. It's similar to a tiny meteor shower that leaves craters and scratches on the surface. Over time this will dull the finish and reduce the life of your gear.

How does this stuff stay on your gear? To the naked eye most surfaces appear smooth. But under a microscope we can see a different story. What appears to be a glassy smooth surface is really a mountainous range of peaks and valleys ready to trap particles and oils from fingerprints and sweat (skank). Fig 1

Micro Particles

Figure 1

The old way of doing things called for highly toxic and caustic abrasives that would actually harm the surface. Most of these were petroleum based chemicals that were just downright nasty!

What is the solution? New technology has put our old high school chemistry kits back in the closet and forced us to rethink the way we clean our stuff. Now there's an environmentally safe and biodegradable formula found in REFLECTION™.

How does it work? Just spray it on and wipe it off. REFLECTION™ leaves a protective barrier behind that is so smooth it actually resists micro particles, fingerprints and water. Best of all it leaves NO WAX BUILD UP! Each time you apply it, the old layer is wiped away and a new protective layer is left behind.

This new hi-tech chemistry executes the battle in two phases. The first wave actually penetrates into the micro cracks and crevices of any surface and clears them out.

Clean Surface

Figure 2


Figure 3

This bonding creates a smooth surface that actually fills in the cracks and crevices. Fig 4

Smooth Protective Surface

Figure 4

Now that the surface has been smoothed out, micro particles, skin oils and other skank doesn't stand a chance to stick around. The newly protected surface will even reduce fingerprints and repel water.

Can you feel it?Not in terms of an oily or silicony residue. Remember; there is no powder, abrasives or petroleum in REFLECTION™. That's what makes this formula truly amazing.

Try this test yourself: Treat one area of your guitar, keyboard, drum shell or whatever. Just spray it on and wipe it off with a clean dry lint free cloth. The first thing you'll notice is NO STREAKING. (Streaking indicates the need for a clean cloth).

Next you notice NO POWDERY RESIDUE like some spray waxes. Now just look at the SHINE it leaves behind. Keep in mind that you are looking at a hi-tech molecular barrier that will keep the surface safe from collecting more micro particles.

Finally, you can experience the slick surface by gliding your finger across the treated area. Because the surface is "smoothed out" it doesn't allow the oils from your skin to be caught in the ridges. Hence, minimal streakage and fingerprinting if any.

Conquest Enterprisesl is so confident that REFLECTION™ is the last Surface Enhancer you'll ever need that they offer a lifetime money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of the product, simply send it back for a full refund.

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(Formerly Known As … POWERCHORD™)